Register a trading partnership

If you want to set up a trading partnership in Sweden you must register the partnership with Bolagsverket.

Application and fee 

Use the form Registration of a new partnership, number 901 e, to apply for a registration of a trading partnership. The form must be signed by all of the partners.


Fees for trading partnerships

Partners resident abroad

A partner who is not registered in the Swedish population register must submit a certified copy of his or her passport with the application.

If the partner is a foreign legal entity, a certified copy of the certificate of registration must be submitted with the application. The certificate of registration must not be older than six months. If the document does not show who is authorized to sign on behalf of the company, you must also submit a document proving the signatory power, such as

  • a certificate from a Notary Public
  • articles of association
  • minutes from a meeting with the shareholders
  • minutes from a meeting with the board.
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