Bolagsverket’s app

Our app is in Swedish and you can find up to date information there about your business, keep track of what is going on in the business, register a new address and download your certificate of registration or your annual report. And it is quick, easy and free of charge!


See up to date information about your business

With the app you can quickly and easily keep an eye on your business. Log in to the app using your Mobile BankID when it suits you.

Download the business’s certificate of registration and annual report

With the app you can download the business’s certificate of registration straight to your mobile phone free of charge. It is simple to pass the certificate on as you can, for example, forward, print or save it. You can also download your latest annual report, the articles of association or statutes in the same way free of charge.

Keep an eye on what is going on within the business

Under ‘Händelser’ (History) you can keep track of your five most recent cases with us. If you, for example, want to know whether board member changes have been registered or if your annual report has arrived, you can easily check using the app.

Register a new address for you or the business

If you in your role as a board member or the business moves, you must always inform Bolagsverket. With the app you can now do this easily and without charge.

Questions about the app

What types of businesses are shown in the app?

In the app you can see:

  • limited companies
  • trading partnerships
  • limited partnerships
  • economic associations
  • sole traders (if they are in Bolagsverket’s register).

Who can log in to the app?

To log in to the app you must be a registered official in a company, such as a board member. However, businesses in which you are registered as auditor will not be shown.

It is simple to log in using Mobile BankID, which you can get from your Swedish bank.

Which documents are available in the app?

The type of business you are registered in determines which documents can be seen. The most common documents are certificates of registration and annual reports but in certain cases you can also see the articles of association or statutes of the business.

How can you keep track of the cases you have with us?

Under ‘Händelser’ (History) you can see your five most recent cases with us within the past two years. When you log in to the app, an icon in the menu will notify you if there is new information.

Do you want to change details about the business?

With the app it is easy to register a new address for you as a board member or for the business. It takes at least three days before a change of address is registered.

If you wish to register other changes, you can do so by logging in to our e-service on External link.