Swedish e-identification

Using our e-services usually requires that you have Swedish electronic identification, such as BankID. E-identification is comparable to other common forms of ID such as a driving licence or a national identity card and it allows you to identify yourself or sign securely online.

With e-identification you can log in to our e-service on verksamt.se and access all the information we hold about your company. You can also log in to our other e-services such as the Official Swedish Gazette and Business Matters for Agents. If a legal entity needs to log in, use e-identification belonging to an agent or a company signatory. Please note that the e-services are only available in Swedish.

How to obtain Swedish e-identification

Contact your Swedish bank or Telia. They can issue you with e-identification. On the BankID website there is a list of all the banks that issue Mobile BankID for mobile devices or BankID using a smart card and reader or computer file. There is information on Telia’s website about how to obtain the Telia e-identification.

You can also download the app Freja e-ID from App Store or Google Play. To be able to log in to our e-services we require that you upgrade to Freja e-ID plus.

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Freja e-ID External link.

In order to obtain e-identification, you must be registered as resident in Sweden and have a Swedish personal identity number. Age limits vary between issuers but e-identification is generally issued from the age of 13 and upwards or from 18. Consent from parents or guardians is needed for under 18s. Companies must have at least one signatory with a Swedish personal identity number.

Information on the e-identification website

On the e-legitimation.se website you can read more about what e-identification is, how to obtain e-identification and about e-signatures. You can also read advice and tips about how to protect yourself from fraud.

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