Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about online filing of annual reports

We have listed below the answers to several common questions about online filing of annual reports.

Why do I need to have software?

When the government gave us the mandate to develop the e-service, part of our task was to create a solution so companies would be able to develop software at the same time. In this way we have, for example, contributed to creating space for increased innovation, competition and economic growth among companies. We create the conditions and the market supplies the functionality.

To make it easier for you to find software and suppliers, we have a list on our website.

Software and suppliers

Why can’t I file a PDF of my annual report?

It is not possible to file a PDF because the e-service uses the file format iXBRL.

We use this file format because the mandate given to us by the government stated that the e-service should be based on the open, international standard XBRL. We have therefore decided to use iXBRL as the format for transfer and visualisation of information in annual reports. This format contains data tags which are machine readable. This has many advantages including the increased possibilities it brings for reusing and processing the information contained in annual reports.

Do I get any confirmation that you have received the annual report?

Yes. The managing director or board member who files the annual report online will get a confirmation receipt in the e-service that we have received it. You can email the receipt to anyone you want to – other company officials for example – or to your own email address.

If I file my annual report online, can I send in supplementary information by post?

No. If you need to add supplementary information to an annual report that has been filed online, you must do it online. You need to file a new, complete annual report through the e-service.

Can I still file a printed annual report?

Yes. However, we recommend that companies file their annual reports online if they have the possibility to do so.