How to file your annual report online

If you have a small limited company using the category 2 (K2) accounting regulations, you can read below how to file your annual report online.

If you have help to prepare the annual report, the person helping you can upload the file as well. In your role as a board member or the managing director, you can then log in, sign the financial statements approval and submit the annual report.

Process for the limited company

  1. The board and managing director of the limited company work with the bookkeeping during the year. They can do it themselves or enlist help.
  2. They prepare an annual report in accordance with the K2 accounting regulations. Read more about the documents included in Contents of an annual report.
  3. The limited company holds its shareholders’ meeting and the annual report is presented. The profit and loss statement and the balance sheet are approved and decisions are made about the allocation of profits or losses. The board and the managing director sign the original of the annual report. It doesn’t matter to Bolagsverket whether the original is signed electronically or with a pen.
  4. If the limited company has an auditor, they must sign the auditor’s report and send it to the board and managing director.
  5. The original of the annual report (and auditor’s report if required) is kept by the limited company.

Upload and submit documents

  1. It is now time to upload the electronic copy of the annual report (and the auditor’s report if needed). You upload it to a temporary storage space, which we do not have access to because the file has not yet been submitted to Bolagsverket. The file stays in the temporary storage space for 21 days.
  2. By electronic copy, we mean an electronic document which reproduces the content of a printed original or electronic original without displaying the layout of the original. In other words, the content in the copy must be the same but the formatting can be different.
  3. You or your agent can upload the file via the program you use for preparing year end accounts or annual reports. Fill in the personal identity number and email address of the managing director or board member you designate to sign the financial statements approval and submit the annual report. We send a login link to the email address you have given.
  4. The designated person logs in with their e-identification, such as Mobile BankID, and checks through the documents. The person signs the financial statements approval and submits the annual report, the financial statements approval and the auditor’s report, if required. These have now become received documents at Bolagsverket.
  5. The person who submits the annual report gets a receipt in the e-service confirming that Bolagsverket has received it. The confirmation receipt can then be emailed to other company officials, for example.

Process for Bolagsverket

  1. If the annual report is complete, we register it immediately. If the limited company has registered an email address or has a digital mailbox, we send out a confirmation that we have registered the annual report. If we need you to add supplementary information to the annual report, we will send an official notice by post to the company’s registered address, as the law requires us to do. We will send the notice by email too if the company has registered an email address with us. If you get an official notice from us, make the necessary changes to the annual report using your software and submit a new, complete version online.