Conditions for being able to file annual reports online

To be able to file your annual report online with Bolagsverket, there are certain conditions.

The person uploading the annual report (and auditor’s report if required) needs to have:

  • software which is adapted for online filing
  • the personal identity number and email address of the managing director or board member designated to sign the financial statements approval.

The person who signs the financial statements approval and submits the annual report needs to have:

  • Swedish e-identification, such as Mobile BankID.

If you use accounting software for annual reports which is not adapted for online filing, or if none of the board members has Swedish e-identification, you must send in a printed copy of the annual report.


We encourage every limited company that is able to file their annual report online to do so. The main advantages are that:

  • you no longer run the risk of the annual report getting lost in the post
  • you get a confirmation receipt in the e-service, as soon as we have received the annual report
  • we register the annual report immediately, if it is complete.

How to submit the annual report if you have signed the original using your e-identification

If you prepare your annual report in electronic form, you must sign it with an advanced electronic signature, as referred to in article 3 of the eIDAS regulations.*

If you then wish to submit your annual report online, you must make an electronic copy of the annual report (and the auditor’s report, if required) which has the same content as the original documents. The file format must be iXBRL and a program which is linked up with Bolagsverket is required in order to upload the file and submit the annual report.

Online filing of annual reports coming soon for limited companies using K3 accounting regulations

We are currently working to make online filing possible for limited companies using K3 accounting regulations as well. We calculate that we will be ready during spring 2019.

Online filing may become mandatory in the future

Online filing of annual reports may eventually become mandatory in Sweden, as it already is in many other European countries including Denmark.

* The European Parliament and Council regulation no.910/2014 was adopted on 23 July 2014. It contains information on electronic identification and trust services for electronic translations in the internal market and repealing directive 1999/93/EC.