About the site

We have tried to make this website's content accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of the equipment or browser used, or any form of impairments.


This website looks best in a modern browser, for example the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge Chromium, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. We have built the site according to current standards, rather than adapting to flaws in specific browsers.

Responsive web design

In modern browsers and mobile devices the design will adjust to the screen size as much as possible. In older browsers the design will be less responsive and you might have to scroll sideways if the screen is narrow.

When zooming or altering the text size, the design will adjust to your settings.


There are no separate printer-friendly versions of the site's pages. All pages are printer friendly in modern browsers.

New windows or tabs

It is up to you to decide if you want a link to open in a new window or tab. How you achieve that varies from browser to browser. Common methods involve pressing Shift or Ctrl, or both, while clicking on a link.

Keyboard navigation

The content order within a page is designed to facilitate keyboard navigation.

JavaScript and plug-ins

Normally the browser you use does not need to support JavaScript or plug-ins. Viewing videos in older browsers is an exception. You need support for JavaScript and Flash in order to see those videos.

If your browser support JavaScript you can access some useful, but not critical, features, for example pitch links and a text-to-speech feature.