How to register beneficial ownership information

When you have identified whether your company or association has a beneficial owner or not, and if so, who this or these individuals are, you must register this information with us. Even if you cannot identify who the beneficial owner in your company or association is, you must still register.

Register via

The majority of companies and associations need to register information via an e-service on Please note that the e-service is only available in Swedish.

An authorised representative for the company can register information by logging into the e-service, filling in the relevant information and signing it with Swedish e-identification, such as Mobile BankID.

How much does it cost?

Registering beneficial ownership costs SEK 250 and payment is by invoice. We hope that payment by card will also be possible in the near future.

Companies and associations must register again if their beneficial ownership information changes. 

Information to be included:

  • company registration number
  • company name
  • full name, Swedish personal identification number or date of birth, nationality and country of residence for each beneficial owner*
  • type of control, that is, the way the beneficial owner controls the company or association
  • extent of control, as a percentage
  • information about whether the individual (or individuals) own or control the company or association together with close family members or through other companies.

If information is unavailable or incorrect

If we see that a company or association has not registered beneficial ownership information with us, we can send out an official notice, asking for information to be provided within a certain time. If the company or association still does not provide the required information, they may have to pay a fine.  

Government authorities and obliged entities (business operators within the regulated sector – such as banks and estate agents) that are subject to regulations laid out in the Anti-Money Laundering Act, must notify Bolagsverket if they suspect that information in our beneficial ownership register is incorrect. We will then send an official notice to the company or association in question, asking for the correct information to be supplied. If the company or association still does not supply the information, they may have to pay a fine.

If you do not have Swedish e-identification, you can apply for exemption

If you do not have a Swedish e-identification or access to the internet, you can apply for exemption from the requirement to register your information online. Use our form

The fee is SEK 400.

Register your beneficial ownership information

If we grant you exemption, we will send you a form to use for registering your beneficial ownership information. The fee for registering your information on paper is an additional SEK 400, which means a total fee of SEK 800.


* For non-profit organisations, family foundations and religious communities not registered in Bolagsverket's trade register:

You do not have to provide the personal details of a beneficial owner for a company running an operation of a political, religious or cultural nature, if it reveals the person’s political, religious or cultural views.

Nor do you have to provide personal details of a beneficial owner if it reveals trade union membership or information about the individual’s sexuality or health.