About limited partnerships

A limited partnership (kommanditbolag) must have two or more partners, at least one general partner and one limited partner. A limited partnership is a form of a trading partnership.

A person who wishes to be registered in a limited partnership must not

  • be declared bankrupt
  • be prohibited from carrying on business
  • have a custodian pursuant to the Parental Code.


  • The business name must contain the word “kommanditbolag”.
  • The general partner is personally responsible for the agreements and debts of the limited partnership. 
  • If you become a general partner in an already existing limited partnership, you will also become personally responsible for the partnership’s previously existing debts.
  • If you are younger than 18, you need a guardian’s or chief guardian’s consent to enter into a limited partnership.
  • A limited partnership with only natural persons registered as partners must have an auditor if the partnership is considered ‘large’. Read more on the page Auditor – limited partnership, where you also can see what applies when legal entities are registered as partners.
  • If a limited partnership has legal entities registered as partners, or if the partnership is considered ‘large’, an annual report must be filed. Read more on the page Annual reports – limited partnership.

Advantages of starting a limited partnership

  •  There is no requirement regarding share capital.