Annual reports – limited partnership

Most limited partnerships do not need to file an annual report with Bolagsverket. However, if the limited partnership has legal entities registered as partners or if the partnership is considered ‘large’ you must file an annual report with Bolagsverket.

Postal address

Post your annual report to:

851 98 Sundsvall

Who should file annual reports?

A limited partnership with at least one legal entity registered as a partner or a partnership that is considered ‘large’ must draw up and file an annual report with Bolagsverket. Read more on the page Auditor – limited partnerships.

Auditor – limited partnerships

How to file annual reports

Submit the annual report as a single document with certified copies of the originals. Please place the documents in this order:

  1. annual report
  2. auditor’s report (when required)
  3. consolidated accounts (koncernredovisning) and auditor’s report – applies only for a parent company of a larger group of companies.