Business name and activities – trading partnership

One of the first things you need to do when you start a trading partnership is to choose a business name and decide the business activities for the partnership.

The business name as well as the business activities must be reported to Bolagsverket for registration. We will examine your proposed business name. The name must differ from other business names and trademarks in your line of business.

Protection of the name within the county

Sweden is divided in administrative regions – counties (län). If you register a business name it will be given protection in the county where your business has been registered. If you are going to carry out business in more than one county you may want to apply for registration in those counties as well. We charge a registration fee for each county.

Specific rules for trading partnership

  • The business name must contain the word “handelsbolag”.
  • The word “handelsbolag” cannot be abbreviated to “HB”.

Examples of business names

  • geographic name + business activity word: High Street Tobacco Handelsbolag
  • surname + business activity word: Lind’s carpentry Handelsbolag
  • letter combination + business activity word: C.L. Boat Handelsbolag
  • imaginary word: Handelsbolaget Cajin
  • imaginary word + business activity word: Cajin’s bicycle Handelsbolag.

Describe your business activities in detail

Your business name must not only describe your business activities, for example, Bicycle Handelsbolag. You must combine the business name with an additional word, for example, your name or a geographic name, Kalles bicycle Handelsbolag or Svenljunga bicycle Handelsbolag.

Your business name is tied to your business activities. Make sure you describe your business activities in detail so we can examine your name proposal properly and so that your business name will get protection in your line of business. If you, for example, will work as a consultant you must describe within which sector you are going to offer your services.

Examples of business activities

  • retail sale of shoes
  • consulting business within IT.

Secondary business name

Do you want to register another name for parts of your business activities? Read more about secondary business names on the page Secondary business name from the menu.

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