Closing a trading partnership

Voluntary closing of a trading partnership is done by liquidation. The liquidation is made by the partners and does not need to be reported with Bolagsverket. Once the liquidation process is completed, you must deregister the trading partnership with Bolagsverket.

A deregistration is free of charge. If you want to deregister a trading partnership, you must report this to Bolagsverket. Use the form Deregistration, number 910 e.


You may, but do not need to, notify Bolagsverket of the liquidation. If reported, please use the form Liquidation, number 941 e. When reporting the liquidation proceedings, you need to pay a registration fee. You may apply by the district court for appointment of a liquidator, if the partners do not agree on the liquidation. A liquidation must be completed with distribution of the assets and deregistration.

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