Secondary business name – limited companies

A secondary business name (särskilt företagsnamn) is a trading name, under which you can trade or promote part of your registered business activities.

You can protect the trading name by applying for registration of a secondary business name. It is important that the secondary business name only refers to that specific part of the business activities and cannot be mistaken for the main name of the limited company.

It is possible to have several secondary business names registered for different business activities, which collectively represent the company’s main activity.

If you register more than one secondary business name they must all refer to different business activities. You cannot have several names for just one part of your business activities.

Example: Daisy owns a limited company. She runs a chocolate shop and a dental practice. The name of her company is “Daisy’s Chocolate Dreams AB”. Daisy does however find it a bit difficult to attract customers to her dental practice. She decides to register a secondary business name for the part of her business activities that refers to her dental practice: "Daisy’s Dental Practice".

Read more about business names on the page Business names and activities from the menu.

Application and fee

Use the form  Registration of a new company, number 816 e , when you want to register a secondary business name at the same time as you register your company.

Use the form  Application for changes, number 817 e, to apply for registration of a secondary business name when your company is already registered.

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