Closing a branch

If you want to deregister a branch you must report it with Bolagsverket, for example if the branch ceases its business activities or is declared bankrupt. A deregistration is free of charge.

A branch is to be deregistered if one of the following claims is true about the foreign company owning the branch:

  • the company enters into liquidation,
  • the company is declared bankrupt,
  • the company ceases its business activities, or
  • the company decides that the business activities in Sweden shall cease.


The managing director of the branch or an authorized representative of the foreign company must report deregistration with Bolagsverket. Use the form  Deregistration, number 889 e, to apply for deregistration of the branch. You will find information regarding attachments to the form on page 2 of the form.

Submit the annual report!

A branch must keep accounting records until the date of deregistration. Submit the annual accounts covering the period from the beginning of the financial year to the date of application for deregistration.

If the foreign company is situated within the European Economic Area (EEA) and is the equivalent of a Swedish limited liability company, the final accounting records must be concluded by annual accounts. In these cases only the annual report for the foreign company needs to be filed with Bolagsverket.

If the foreign company is situated outside the EEA, the annual report for the branch as well as the annual report for the foreign company must be filed with Bolagsverket.

Bolagsverket is entitled to deregister a branch

Bolagsverket is also entitled to deregister a branch if one of the following is true:

  • there is no authorized managing director,
  • there is no special person authorized to receive service of process (when applicable),
  • the accounting documents have not been filed with Bolagsverket, or
  • business activities of the foreign company or of the branch have ceased.
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