Close your business – sole trader

If you are registered as a sole trader with Bolagsverket you must apply for deregistration when closing down your business.

Use the form  Deregistration, number 910 e, to deregister your business.

A deregistration is free of charge. And when we have deregistered your business, we will send you a registration certificate, which states the date of deregistration. The certificate is in Swedish.

Change of owner

Have you sold your business? Use form Change of business owner, number 945 e, to register the new owner.

Change of business structure

If you want to change the legal structure of your business, you must first deregister as a sole trader and then apply for registration of your new business structure e.g. limited company.

You can submit both your application for deregistration and for registration of your new business at the same time. You will find forms for registering a new business on the page Forms and templates.

Forms and templates

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