Residing abroad – limited companies

Running a limited company in Sweden comes with certain requirements on residency.

Residing outside of Sweden

If all members of the board of directors are residing outside of Sweden the company must have a representative in Sweden who can accept service on behalf of the company. This representative must be registered in the Swedish population register.

Residing outside the EEA

A managing director and deputy managing director of a limited company must reside within the European Economic Area (EEA). Half of the company’s board members must also reside within the EEA and the same rule applies for the deputy board members. Please note that the requirements concern residency, not citizenship.

Persons with authority to sign on behalf of the company

The board of directors has by law joint authority to sign on behalf of the company. In reality this may prove impractical. The board of directors can therefore authorise members of the board or external persons, alone or in a combination that is most practical, to sign on behalf of the company. At least one of these signatories must reside within the EEA.

Apply for exemption

If you cannot fulfil the requirements of residence you must apply for exemption. Read more on the page Apply for exemption from residency requirements, see the menu.

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