Business name and activities

A limited company must have a business name registered with Bolagsverket. If approved, the proposed name will be protected in your registered line of business throughout the country.

Bolagsverket examines the name

Bolagsverket will examine your proposed business name. The name must differ from other business names and trademarks in your line of business.

Some rules

The business name of a limited company must contain the word “aktiebolag” or the abbreviation “AB”.

 Examples of business names

  • geographical name + business activity word: Malmö IT Aktiebolag
  • surname + business activity word: Peterson’s motor Aktiebolag
  • letter combination + business activity word: P.M. auditing Aktiebolag
  • imaginary word: Cajin Aktiebolag
  • imaginary word + business activity word: Cajin’s bicycle Aktiebolag.

Describe your business activities in detail

Make sure you describe your business activities in detail so we can examine your name proposal properly and so that your business name will get protection in your line of business. If you, for example, will work as a consultant you must describe within which sector you are going to offer your services. Not describing your business activities accurately may cause a delay in the name approval process.

Examples of business activities

  • retail sale of shoes
  • consulting business within IT.

Before ordering business stationary

Do not order business stationary, business cards, domain name, signs, etc, before your business and your proposed name have been registered.


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