Economic association

Are you interested in starting an economic association in Sweden? Read some more about this association form on this page.

If you are more than three partners with common economic interests and you want to set up an organisation, an economic association may be the association form for you.

This association form is a legal entity that must be registered with Bolagsverket along with its articles of association.  All members have to participate in the association’s economic activity.

An economic association must keep accounting records and produce an annual report.

There is no demand on starting capital, but all members of the association must pay membership dues when joining.  The members have no responsibility for the association’s debts.

Seek professional advice

This page only give you basic information about economic associations. Remember to seek independent professional advice to determine if this is the association form most suitable for you.

Do you need a permit?

Use the website to find out whether you need permits or not. There may be requirements for you as a business owner, for your premises or for the business itself.

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Current processing time

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Current processing times

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