Software and suppliers – online filing

Here is a list, in no particular order, of the software suppliers who have confirmed that they have software available that is adapted for online filing of annual reports. Visit their websites for more information.

Data is submitted directly from the software. You cannot submit a PDF file or similar.

We do not make recommendations about specific software.

Name Regulation Annual report
– with auditor’s report in the same file
Annual report
– that needs to be supplemented with the auditor’s report in a separate file
Auditor's report
– as a separate file

K2 Nej Ja Nej

Briljant Ekonomisystem
K2 Ja Ja Ja

Red Flag
K2 Ja Nej Nej

Wolters Kluwer
K2 Ja Ja Nej
Björn Lundén information
Björn Lundén AB
K2 Ja Ja Nej
K2, K3 Ja Ja Ja
K2 Ja Ja Ja
ÅO Årsredovisning online
Årsredovisning Online
K2 Ja Ja Nej

K2 Nej Ja Nej

K2 – rules on annual accounts in smaller companies
K3 – rules on annual accounts in larger companies