Current processing times

Processing time is the time it takes for us to process and respond to your application. In our response we will tell you if we have registered your application or if we need more information from you. Please note that postal delivery times are not included in our processing times.

Currently we have longer processing times than normally. It is due to an increase in cases that are coming in to us. During the Christmas and New Year weeks will the processing times increase by another few days. After the holidays we make various efforts to shorten the processing times.

20 January

Enterprises and economic associations
Issue Response time in working days Our goal this week is to start processing applications that arrived
Set up a business
Register a new limited company* 5 11 January–17 January
Register a new enterprise 22 15 December–21 December
Register a new association 8 5 January–15 January
Update company details
Change of business name 22 15 December–21 December
Change of board of directors, partner or auditor 10 27 December–8 January
Change of articles of association, limited company 23 14 December–18 December
Change of share capital 15 22 December–28 December
Change of address 7 9 January–15 January
Change of information on merger 4
Change of representatives, economic association 4 12 January–15 January
Change of articles of association, economic association 8 5 January–15 January
Annual reports
Annual reports, limited companies 3 11 January–17 January
* The average time last week for registering a new limited company
Submitted by Time (in working days) until we registered a complete case Time (in working days) until we asked for additional information when a case was not complete
E-service 1 3
Form 3 4

This page is updated regularly

We update the response time on this page every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

How we process your application

We start to process your application when we have received the application fee. Therefore, you should always pay the fee as soon as you have submitted your application.

You submit an application - We start to process your application - We send you a notice if the application is incomplete and needs to be supplemented - We register your application

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