Making payments to us using SEB’s direct payments service is no longer possible

Due to a new agreement for bank services, we are changing the way you can pay us.

How will this affect you?                                                  

You can no longer use SEB’s Internet bank direct payment service for payments to Bolagsverket. From 1 April 2017 Bolagsverket will no longer have a plus giro number for payments.

You can continue to make payments to us using our bank giro number, credit and debit cards and Internet bank services.  These payment methods will not be affected by the new bank services agreement.

It is possible that other information about making payments and payment methods will be updated. We always have the latest information available here on

Paying invoices and fees for services

Payments from abroad

Why is Bolagsverket removing these payment methods?

The Swedish National Debt Office (Riksgälden), which is the central government financial administration, has given Bolagsverket, along with all the other government agencies, a new framework agreement to follow.  It stipulates which banks we can have agreements with. From 1 April 2017 we will have an agreement with Nordea, Danske Bank and Swedbank concerning payments to us. The new framework agreement is the reason for discontinuing payments through SEB’s direct payments service and post giro.


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