Advice for quicker registration

To get your application processed and registered as quickly as possible, follow this advice.


  • We do not start processing your application until you have paid the fee. Therefore, pay the fee when submitting your application.
    • Payment for changes – state registration number or case number when paying.
    • Payment for a new company or association – state the first name proposal.

It is quicker and cheaper to use our e-services

If you have a Swedish electronic identification  you can use one of our e-service when you want to start a company or association, or make changes in your company or association. It is quicker and cheaper. You may save up to seven days of processing time. Please note that the information in the e-services is in Swedish only.

Use our forms

Please use Bolagsverket’s forms. In the form you can easily see the details that need to be stated. Our forms are designed to be interpreted by our scanner. If you use our forms and fill in the information on your computer, the registration will be quicker than if you use self-made forms.


An application must have an original signature in blue ink. The blue ink makes it easier for us to see that it is an original signature.

Submit all documents

Submit all documents belonging to a specific case at the same time.

Paper staples? No thanks!

We scan almost all documents submitted to us. You make our work easier if you do not staple the documents together.

Please use

  • paper clips instead of paper staples
  • white A4 paper
  • large envelopes to avoid folding the documents
  • plastic pockets.

Quicker information by email

When a case is not complete, we will send a message to the contact person’s email address. If you have not stated an email address, we will send the message by post.

If you register an email address, you will automatically receive an email message from us each time an application for a change of the company is filed with us.

You can register your email address free of charge through the e-services in or by using form Application for change of address, number 701 e, for companies and associations.

Change of address for companies and associations, number 701 e (68 kB)


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