Annual reports and financial years – limited companies

A limited company must file its annual report with Bolagsverket every year. This rule also applies to dormant companies and companies in liquidation.

Submit in time

A limited company must file its annual report (in Swedish) with Bolagsverket within seven months from the company’s financial year-end. If the annual report reaches Bolagsverket too late or if it is not complete, we will issue late filing penalties. A limited company can avoid late filing penalties only by submitting a complete annual report to Bolagsverket before the deadline. Please note that Bolagsverket has no legal possibility of deferring the filing date.

Post your annual report

Send a copy of your limited company’s annual report by post to

SE-851 98 Sundsvall

Last minute email

If you have posted your annual report but are not sure whether the documents will reach Bolagsverket in time, you can email them to:

Please note that you must write the registration number of your limited company in the email subject line.

Received and registered?

You can check if we have received your annual report and if we have registered it by using our e-service ‘Söka ett ärende eller se om en årsredovisning kommit in’. Please note that all information in the e-service is in Swedish.

If you want to receive a text message or an email when we have received and registered the annual report of your company, you can use our service Mina meddelanden. You need a Swedish electronic identification (e-ID) for this.


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